Favourite Colour

She's girly She's cute She's soft She's warm She's gentle She's delicate She's pink. Miss Adoyo

Give Yourself Time

God makes everything beautiful in its time and everything has its own time to come to fruition. We also need time.

Howdy, 2019

It's a new year. New beginnings. New opportunities. Just s heck lot of newness going round and I am excited about this one. I intend on becoming a lot of different things. 1. More assertive. 2. A cheerful giver. 3. More caring. 4. More loving. 5. More responsible. 6. More present. These are the top … Continue reading Howdy, 2019


A 9year old girl committed suicide due to bullying and my heart is in pieces. Where are we going wrong as a people? What are we missing or not doing? That's all there is in my heart today; brokenness. Imperfectous

I Can’t Fit in Any One Box…

Is it weird that I feel like I cannot fit into any one box? I try to define myself in the way society likes defining us, and no definition ever seems enough to capture everything that I am and I'm passionate about. One of the reasons I stopped writing for a while is because of … Continue reading I Can’t Fit in Any One Box…

Courage to accept my calling: at a friend’s farewell and new business launch.

It's 1:10am and I just got home from s function celebrating a friend, who I met through my professional life, close one chapter and begin a new one; one where she's going to be her own boss. It was an intimate event, (which is how I think all events should be like) but absolutely one … Continue reading Courage to accept my calling: at a friend’s farewell and new business launch.