Courage to accept my calling: at a friend’s farewell and new business launch.

It’s 1:10am and I just got home from s function celebrating a friend, who I met through my professional life, close one chapter and begin a new one; one where she’s going to be her own boss.

It was an intimate event, (which is how I think all events should be like) but absolutely one of the best events I have ever had the pleasure to attend.

I got to make new acquaintances and I got to meet my writing arch nemesis when I was a teenager, Oyunga Pala and we found out we kinda come from the same clan. Why arch nemesis? Well, he’s an excellent writer and story teller and he used to have this column called Man Talk that seemed to “elevate” the man at the expense of the woman and I used to think to myself, ‘I’ll grow up to counter his column’. Of course that never happened. But never say never. Hahaha.

I also met another fascinating woman, Christine Apondi. I was there early and so I got to choose whatever table I wanted. And she walked km and came and sat next to me, and now we are bffs. Lol. I kid. We did have a grand time. She’s an event planner and has a company called Super Mamas that’s doing some phenomenal work for women. We had too much fun. I want her as my seat mate for all events I attend. 🙂

I networked. I heard about some amazing women doing amazing work in their different roles and I was there in support.

I had my business cards, of course, waiting eagerly for the time we could network. And something interesting happened to me.

I did introduce myself as an event planner, which I am but I found myself talking about my volunteer work more than anything else. The bosses who were there? I said hi and exchanged cards because in my head they were “potential sponsors” for the school in currently volunteering with. I wasn’t thinking how I could make a lot of money if they were to give me business and that made me realise something. Well just re-confirmed what I have been thinking and feeling and hearing about the kind of event planner I want to be; about the kinds of events I would like to host and they are fundraising events for causes I care about and believe in.

Adding value; making a direct impact in another’s life, these are the things that tag at my heart and I am done running from them.

In some way, I feel like a caterpillar ready for metamorphosis. I felt as if I finally gave myself permission to pursue my true heart’s desire. Maybe it was the many women entrepreneurs conducting business along the lines of things they are passionate about and matters they care about that made me feel confident; probably. That positive energy was overwhelming.

I am happy and finally at peace with this decision. This I’d what Mollah & Brands will be known for and what it will stand for. Changing lives one event at a time.

In my uber rode home, I felt the clogs in my brain unclogging and I started seeing the future. I was planning my launch in my head and I know this is it. Oh, and my arch nemesis may just become my mentor.

It was a good way to end the week. Thank you Lynette and I’m wishing you all the very best in this new venture!

P/s: this post is super imperfect but true.



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