Howdy, 2019

It’s a new year. New beginnings. New opportunities. Just s heck lot of newness going round and I am excited about this one.

I intend on becoming a lot of different things.

1. More assertive.

2. A cheerful giver.

3. More caring.

4. More loving.

5. More responsible.

6. More present.

These are the top things for me that touch on me as a human and things that are within my control.

I intend to write more. Daily, preferably and be brave enough to share my thoughts knowing I am enough and I deserve to be here. So do you.

This is Me from the Greatest Showman is one of my theme songs for this year. I want to spread this message far and wide because I’ve realised there are a number of people who hide away, not sure if they have the right to be or are made to feel that way.

I’m going back to my mentoring program of teens. We’ve got to teach the generations coming after us, how to do and be better though our experiences.

Challenging myself to buy a new book every month for starters and move to two. This month’s is Becoming by Michelle Obama. Will share my nuggets once done. But can I just mention I absolutely love how powerful the title of this book is on its own?

2019, there’s gonna be a shift, a major tectonic shift in my life. I hope it’s ready cos like Tiffany Haddish, she ready…

Enjoy your 2019 and feel free to share your plans in the comments.




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