I Can’t Fit in Any One Box…

Is it weird that I feel like I cannot fit into any one box?

I try to define myself in the way society likes defining us, and no definition ever seems enough to capture everything that I am and I’m passionate about.

One of the reasons I stopped writing for a while is because of that pressure to specialise. That pressure of not knowing how best to answer, “So, what do you write about?” My answer is always, “Life. My thoughts on life”. It never sounds satisfactory to the other person.

And when I saw how other writers could easily define their work, I felt like I was lacking something. And isn’t it weird how we are always quick to pit the blame on ourselves? Where did we learn that from?

I have a passion for teens for instance. I would like to be a big sister and help them navigate this so delicate time in their lives based off of my crazy experiences. So, I could become a teen writer.

But I’m also passionate about women. I am a woman and the fight for human rights to include women is a fight I want to fight. Be it in the work place or the home front. So I could become a women’s rights writer.

I have five brothers and I love them to the moon and back. I grew up competing with them. I talk to them. I know they have their own demons to fight. And I would like to also address that through my pen. That men are human too.

I’ve recently gotten very interested in education and how this is a human right that all children should have access to. I would like to write about that as well.

Then, I love my country. I believe it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. I would like to highlight this beauty. So I guess that would make me a travel writer. Oh, and I would also like to do something highlighting our different cultures. First as Kenyans but then as Africans in general.

There’s that issue of sanitary towels and how I think they should be tax free because in some areas, they are considered a luxury. This would mean challenging people in charge of policy making and all… Or maybe we could say it falls under women’s rights?

I am a believer, and I would also like to share about my faith.

So, tell me how I choose one over the other? How do I say this is more important to me? They all matter to me. They are all important. Writing is my way to add my voice into all these issues. Why do I need to write just about one specific thing, yet at any given point I am like 5 different people. I’m a daughter, I’m a sibling, I’m a friend, I’m an employee, I’m an aunt, I’m a niece, I’m a girlfriend, I’m a student. All these things are happening at the same time, only with different people.

One of my friends once told me to stop worrying about the boxes and list write. To stop worrying about the definitions and just write. And if someone asks, I just say I’m a writer. ‘What do I write about?’ Well, OT depends on the where and the what is currently going on in my space. I write about the things that matter to me and that I am passionate about. That’s the kind of writer I am.

If someone really drills in because labels make if easier for us to comprehend things, then I think at the core of all these things, the one thing that ties them all together, is my deep desire for a world where compassion and love rule. So this is what I’m about. It’s just that to get to my ideal happy world, I need go tackle different battles. And I’m OK with it.

I am a writer, who uses her skill to highlight the things she cares most about and hopes to light a fire in another soul to be able to make the world a better place for everyone.



2 thoughts on “I Can’t Fit in Any One Box…

  1. I feel the same way. I want to write about my random thoughts, interests and experiences. We are all unique and many of us don’t fit into a nice little box. You do you…

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