Back To The Basics… Unmasking Self…

Today I was reminded about the simple things in life being the ones that matter most.

I was reminded that when all is said and done, you want to fall back on the simple, non-complicated things of life, like family, or a hot cup of tea on your favorite couch.

I was reminded that the things that matter in the long run are not really the fluff of the world, but the basics and one of those basics is a happy home.

I was also reminded of how fake I have been, masquerading as someone I am not. My true colors showed up yesterday; and they were not pretty.

I am flawed; but more disastrous, I was shown how selfish I am.

A bitter pill to swallow but self-awareness is a thing I have been pursuing. And that means standing in the mirror and accepting the good, bad and ugly cos only after acceptance can you make real change.

I was shown how I have been thinking of myself in the relationship and what I can get out of it, as opposed to what I can give.

I know, I loved the wrong people who took me for granted and so I became sheltered. But why am I making someone else pay for sins he knows nothing about?

I stop. Today I stop.

With the comparisons.

Today I choose to step into my own.

Understand that I won’t work for everyone but that I should be the best kind of fix, for those I do work for. After all, they truly should be my focus, no?

I am stripping myself of all the masks.

I am going back to the plain, simple old me.

I know she still has space in this world,

And she has people who love and accept her just as she is.

No, I do not need for everyone to like or accept me.

I just need to be the best version of myself,

With those who already do.

And the gift of service, is the best gift I can give them.

Even my writing.

Going back to the basics.



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