When you fall for the wrong person

They walk into your life without warning
And disarrange all the plans you had,
They give you a reason to smile and be happy,
They make you forget the things that made you cry,
They become your sole muse.
The thing that keeps you going.
At first you have your reservations.
You hold back,
It could just be a passing cloud.
But then time passes,
And they still remain.
And slowly you start to let your guard down,
You start getting comfortable,
You could get used to this.
After all, were you not about to give up on love altogether?
This could be a sign; they could be a sign.
The light at the end of the tunnel.
The hope you need to cling on,
And by the time you know it,
All your guards are down;
All your walls have tumbled down.
And you are as open as a soldier in a battle field,
Without any ammunition or protection.
And it feels good; it is freeing
It’s the feeling you get,
When the wind goes through your hair,
It is beautiful.
And you can’t believe your fate.
Only for them to slowly start shutting down.
With every breath, they seem to move a step further from you.
At first it doesn’t hit you, you’re busy enjoying your new found freedom.
But after a while, you notice the cobwebs forming;
And the walls are starting to build up again.
And you can’t understand what’s happening.
It’s all happening too fast,
Then you notice the distance between the two of you,
You reach out to hold their hand,
You only manage a slight touch,
Before they disappear from your view and reach.
And your heart wants to scream,
It hurts so bad, crying feels too much.
You sit by the window and stare in oblivion.
You make the promise you’ve made time before,
‘I will not be a fool for love again’
But then you manage a smile,
As you know that’s a promise you can’t keep;
Love always has one over you.
In that moment it hits you,
You fell for the wrong person.



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