When you fall for the wrong person

They walk into your life without warning And disarrange all the plans you had, They give you a reason to smile and be happy, They make you forget the things that made you cry, They become your sole muse. The thing that keeps you going. At first you have your reservations. You hold back, It … Continue reading When you fall for the wrong person



It's beautiful. The weather is but more so, the point I am at in my life. It is amazing. How? Well, I made a decision and sticking to it makes me feel amazing!!!!!!!!!It is not easy, I will tell you that for free, but I love the feeling I have every evening because I stood … Continue reading DANCE IN THE RAIN….

What I Want…

I just wanna be The best me i can be. To wake up in the morning Have a smile on my face Not having to worry About this or that. To be content With what i have Not to sell my soul To have what they have. I want my own mind Not to be … Continue reading What I Want…