Free to be you…

In life, you get to meet different kinds of people. Some of them warm up your heart like a Christmas tree and you always want to be around them. Others seem to drain the very life from you by their personalities and characters. While others, you almost just never notice them and not because they are boring or anything. You just don’t connect.

A few years younger, I was too concerned about being right with everyone I met. If that meant hiding my real persona from them, that’s exactly what I’d do. I would bend over backwards to try and accommodate everyone who crossed my path. Needless to say, I had self image issues therefore would do whatever it took to fit in or rather, not ruffle feathers. But that was a few years younger ago… Lol

I have since grown wiser, a bit and slowly gotten comfortable in my skin. I have come to accept that no one expects me to be friends with everyone; even the Son of God was not wholly accepted! I therefore made peace with that and so now, when I meet new people, I give the interaction a level playing field and if we click and end up becoming friends, awesome. If we don’t, then it was good while it lasted and I move on to the next thing life has in store for me.

It is a good thing. When you make some sense of peace with yourself and the world. When you decide what your principles are and what you stand for and to do so unashamedly. It makes life a little bit easier. Allows you more smiles and moments to stop and smell the roses.

Today, be free to be you, with no apologies.




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