Restart Button

I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday.  It started with the nerves on my right shoulder misbehaving like they at times do and it usually is such a pain or is it just an uncomfortable feeling? I can't quite place what it is I feel but it got me all emotional and then I … Continue reading Restart Button


When you fall for the wrong person

They walk into your life without warning And disarrange all the plans you had, They give you a reason to smile and be happy, They make you forget the things that made you cry, They become your sole muse. The thing that keeps you going. At first you have your reservations. You hold back, It … Continue reading When you fall for the wrong person

Bishop, Dr. Ron Archer: Mentors

Dear Ron, Ron's Bio I first heard of you in January 2014 from one Tony Kisaka, who you mentor and who is your partner in Dunamis International. The way he talked about you made me eager to meet you. You came out as this powerhouse; a force to reckon with and when I met you … Continue reading Bishop, Dr. Ron Archer: Mentors

a lover’s hopeless wait

she sits and looks outside the window with much expectation in her eyes like the awaiting of a long lost lover she stares into space as if to beckon her lover to find out how far he is; how long she has to wait, for his return. but the silent breeze is her only answer … Continue reading a lover’s hopeless wait

to love and to be loved

we all would love to have that fairy tale ending and they lived happily ever after. yet times, heartaches, is all we have to show for our quest at a happy ending. somehow never getting it right loving the one who loves us not being loved by the one, we'd rather not. yet somehow, no … Continue reading to love and to be loved

let the floods flow…

Dear Journal, one of those super long days but im glad iv finished what i was to do... so now,it hit me how someone i chose to forgive still bothers me so much.everytime i see him,i feel the pain afresh and it is quite annoying.I want to move on like yesterday but i guess my … Continue reading let the floods flow…