The year thus far…

My theme for this year was new year. New beginnings. New experiences. It seems to be living up to it. I got a new job which has blessed me with immense new experiences in my professional life. I got engaged to a man who lives oceans away from me and works in the army and that in itself is an experience I had hoped I’d never go through but I never did clarify when I said new experiences, right? And now, I am moving out of my first house. The house I moved into when I left the nest. Lol. A totally other new experience.

When I moved in to my current house, I only had a bed and a small gas cooker and a few cooking pans. Now I have this furnished house that I need to move elsewhere and my loathing for packing is just being tested as no, I have not as yet packed. But I am moving across the street so it shouldn’t be too bad, right? I am excited about this experience.

Did I mention I was on TV too? Yes, in an advert. I didn’t say anything but I have always wanted to do an ad so Yipee!!!! That’s happened. And I am shooting another one today. So now the next hurdle will be to appear on a billboard somewhere. Oh yes, I am vain like that, lol.

This year has turned out to be nothing like I had planned or imagined. God has surprised me through and through and no, I am not complaining. It has been a good year thus far and thus far, I am happy with it. Oh, I made some really awesome friends too. And I got mistaken for a 17 year old. Still trying to figure out of that’s a good thing or I should get worried… Lol.

Will inform you how the move goes. 😀



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