Marginal Gains

A friend of mine shared this link in a group we are in together and after reading it I was left amazed and encouraged. I realised that at times, maybe even most times, it is the small steps that we take towards making a difference that actually matter.

It came just at the right time as I was questioning my impact at my place of work. I am a perfectionist and making a difference can sum up my life’s mission. I have this thing where I always want to leave a place or person better than when I found it or them. This usually leads to a lot of pressure and at times, harsh criticism of self. I feel the need to see or feel the impact of my being in a place and I now know I am always looking for the big things but I have learned, the big things are a culmination of many small things and that every small thing deserves a pat on the back.

It is difficult for you to notice your own progress at times and so at times it is good to seek feedback. Okay, I thrive on feedback, good or bad, I like knowing what my supervisors and bosses think about my work. It is a very serious need. LOL. In light of this, I have also come to accept that not all supervisors/ bosses will have the time to tell you ‘good work’ or ‘you need to improve here’ hence the importance of celebrating every small victory achieved towards the greater goal, whether the world notices it or not. Also, when you exist to receive praises and accolades, you may end up a very bitter soul. People rarely notice the good but the bad, is always a major issue and that’s life and it is okay.

Be your number 1 fan and cheerleader. Let people always just see you with a smile on your face, and wonder if you are okay upstairs. Celebrate your every percentage growth. It matters and what you are doing matters too!

Cheers to the 1% marginal gain.



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