things are not always as they look

I learned a very big lesson about not judging a book by its cover because things are not always as they seem.A smile may just be a way to keep you from coming too close and seeing the streaks of tears that stain a face.The laughter may be muffling the sobs of a broken heart.Just because someone acts all triple C- cool, calm, collected does not in any way mean that that’s how they are.Sometimes you just need to pay a little bit more attention;move a little bit closer to get to know what exactly is going down.At times when you ask ‘how are you?’ you really need to stick around to hear what that answer is.Listen to what is spoken and the unspoken as well,because somehow,our actions will always sell us out,and the eyes,the eyes always tell the truth but you have got to have the patience and the real desire to want to know for you to know.

I realize how we assume things.How we think for example,our parents always know what to do.That they somehow always have it together.There is an attitude that we have over certain people and the roles they play in or lives and I believe at times we put too much pressure on each other.Imperfectous is all about celebrating our perfect imperfections. To remind us that we are all human and yes,we will endeavor to do our best but if our best fails then for us to know that it is okay.That we are not any less,because we failed but to stand up again and try again and to never give up on ourselves and on trying to improve ourselves.

The next time before you point  finger at someone for being human enough to mess up,remember,we are only human and man is to err.


2 thoughts on “things are not always as they look

  1. Beautiful writing here Imperfectous and I feel like it is so true. I’m guilty of not standing closer and being more supportive on occasion.
    Wow, you are so insightful on life and have an amazing way of telling it

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