keep the dream alive

I went for the auditions yesterday and the agency is interested in signing me up so yipeeee! i think I can do a jig.That is good news and like I had mentioned in an earlier post,I have wanted to model forever but I was always giving excuses about agencies not being very straight,which is true but I guess I was also a bit scared.Like how I bounced my friend on going for the Miss Kenya auditions,my last year of being eligible,in terms of age.I simply chickened out,but this is the year of going to the next level in my life and one of those levels is me making my dreams come true,so very soon you just may see me on a billboard near you!Excited to the end.

I do not know where this path will take me and I do not want to anticipate because expectations have a way of yielding disappointment so I will just watch this dream unfold itself.I am taking a risk and I want every step of it to be exciting in its unexpectedness!So, for today,live your dream.No matter how late you may think you are,if you are alive then that is an opportunity to do that thing you have always dreamed of doing.Go out there and take the road less traveled,the road of the unknown and see what surprises wait for you.What’s the worst that could happen anyway.

I would rather die trying.I would rather try and fail and then I will be able to say you know,that was clearly not cut out for me.But I will have a story to tell.Than to die in my imagination of the possibility of what could have been if only…

Go out and live your dream.Will keep you posted on this rather very interesting chapter of my life.

Keep Dreaming,

yours in dreamland,



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