It’s almost a year now….

It’s almost a year now

since your beauty left the world

it’s almost a year now

since we said goodbye

to a friend and daughter and love and sister so sweet

it’s almost a year now

since tears were shed;

since hearts were broken;

since sadness got a deeper meaning;

since the rainbow lost the Violet color;

since we said goodbye.


The months have not made it easier

life has got us busy

made us move on with the days

pushing you to our memories

keeping you from being

a source of tears

but rather a source of inspiration

a source of strength

a source of love.


It’s almost a year past

yet every time I see your photo

I wish i could pick up the phone

call you up and say wassup

or maybe swing by your house

and just have a laugh….


So many people miss you

so many hearts are warmer

because they got to know you

so many lives will be changed

because you happened in this world.


i miss your dimples most

they are the best dimples ever

there are so many other things

about you i mean

that i miss

most of all

i miss you…


know how i know you were a beautiful soul?

the skies seem much bluer

and the stars twinkling a bit brighter

because you are up there

making sure we are smiling

as we run and walk our races…

even in death girlfriend

you still are beautiful…


you left your prints

in the hearts of many souls

and your candle will always burn

in our midst….


missing you.


(special Dedics to Lavender)


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