cup of tea….

i just heard the news

that you left and not coming back

too late for me

i couldn’t even say goodbye

i start wishing

i could turn back

the hands of time

call you the many times

i almost called

only i didn’t

stop by your house

for that cup of tea

that i just never got

to share with you….

too many regrets

time waits for no man i know

i know that now more than ever

i somehow always thought

you’d always be around

so i post poned the calls and visits

forgetting that life is not at all

in my hands

or in my control

i forgot

that death chooses not

i forget that today

is all we are assured of


now is all we know of

i forgot and now you’re gone.

you’ve left me

with so many untold stories

so many unspoken conversations

so many missed coffee dates

and i can’t post pone them any more

for now for sure

they will never happen

i hope somehow

you get to read this note

and know that i am sorry

for all the times

i almost did something

only i never did.

forgive me for the almosts….

its amazing how when we lose someone to death,we wish and regret and after they are gone and we are back on track,we do the same mistakes with those still left instead of learning and doing things differently…we sit and wait for another death to happen for us to wish and regret and yet never do anything not carry forward that which you can easily do know not about tomorrow….

special dedication to Tina…R.I.P.


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