Yet another life lost.This is from my neighborhood.Two young men and now one of our mothers.Sad and painful as we wonder why?as we wish for some good news maybe?a wedding or something.death i realize is not a gentleman nor a does not know what courtesy means and its a glutton that never gets satisfied.he is a destination we all have to go to but that has never made it easier.knowing that we all have to does not keep the tears from falling or from questions being asked.every death feels like a blow on the stomach;like it’s a  new and an unexpected happening.the fact that it will happen does not make it any easier though,you think it should but it doesn’t.

so,i am day i will be gone.and i ask myself,will i have done all that i want to and im supposed to.will i have spoken all my conversations or will there be words left unsaid.when that day comes and death comes knocking,will i be ready or will i have regrets?if today was my last day,what would i have done differently?the answer should become my mantra for every day i get to see a new day.we postpone things because we believe we have all our lives ahead of us.we don’t but we still act ignorant.we still don’t care.I want to start caring.caring that one day i will be gone and be no more.i want to start caring because i know if i do,then i will be alive every single day.when i start to care,then i will start to live as i was meant to from day one.

i want at the end of my life,for it to be a celebration of life.not for people to regret but to be happy they got a chance to know,i want to make my life count.every single day,i want to make it count.i want to smile more,i want to care me,to love fully,i just want to be alive because these deaths in my backyard are reminding me that tomorrow is not really is not.


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