I love and dread this acronym in equal measure. Why? Because it ensures that I am always the bigger person; the one who always takes the high road, yet at times all I want to do is throw a tantrum and blame everyone else around and have someone else be the bigger person! Is that asking too much of humanity? LOL

And I realize how it is easier to say than do; to ask yourself WWJD, What Would Jesus Do in every situation before you react or respond. It takes a lot. And it humbles you, I think. It may make you look like a doormat for a moment, but you will come to realise that the joy and peace that comes with it is worth it, every time.

And why is it so difficult? Because Jesus is “others” focused while we are “self” focused. We are about ourselves. About our needs and wants. About our rights and all these lead us to feeling entitled when really, no one owes us anything. Yes, another conspiracy of society. And the moment we accept that, it will be like a huge weight removed from our shoulders. Because you see, if you don’t owe me anything, it’s very difficult, almost impossible, for you to disappoint or hurt me.

The Bible says that we ought to be careful not to owe anyone anything but love. And agape love, the unconditional kind. The one that just is and does not need a qualifier. When we talk about becoming new creatures, the old dying and the new checking in, we ought to die to our selfish self, more than anything. I, however, suspect we never really let go of the old self. We just wear a garment on top to cover up but old self will always come out to play, whenever s/he feels threatened.

There are situations I look at in my life and know exactly how God would have preferred I deal with them, but those are also the times I become like the prodigal son because at times doing the right thing feels like we are getting played, at the moment, but in the long run, it always is the better option.

So, what is your W.W.J.D. situation today? How can you apply it in your life and choose a different response? Feel free to share in the comments. 🙂

Have an impact filled Monday and week ahead.



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