Life events

Life is a series of events. No one event makes up life and that is one of the things I find most beautiful about life. Today, in the midst of chatting with some long last friends, I realize just how blessed I have been in this life of mine. I started taking stock and I must say I am humbled and totally excited about the life I have lived thus far.

I have been privileged to rub shoulders with some of the most amazing people ever and I have also gotten a chance to form some life long friendships with people I would never have dreamed of in my wildest imaginations. I realize now that there are those who come into your life and make your heart their home while others only use you as a stop over station; they stay long enough until their next bus comes by and it is all okay. 

It makes me appreciate every moment; every new friendship that blooms because all these people have a reason and purpose in my life and whether long-term or short-term, they help make my life more beautiful and isn’t that really what matters.

champagne toast: two glasses of chilled champagne with a beautiful heart shaped bubble.

I salute all the people I have been blessed to know and to share part of me with; those who have come and stayed as well as those who had to leave as our paths diverged somewhere. I toast to all who have made me laugh and cry in the same breath. Those I have had fights with and resolved and those who well, we had to part as acquaintances. I celebrate every name that I have had the pleasure to know. My life would definitely not be the same without you all, so today, I salute them all.

With gratitude,



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