to the power of sisterhood!

Stories inspired by tossing a YOYO

In previous blogs, I have attempted to define motherhood, fatherhood, friendship and other things, and it is not an easy thing, because I get so subjective to an extent of annoying people. So, the other day, when my friend told me: “Why dont you try to define sisterhood…” I was swayed, but I didnt have the right description, so I called for other sisters and friends to help me define sisterhood.


How do I start this? What is sisterhood?


Sisterhood is a bond that is above blood relation. It is a connection that goes beyond being siblings. Sisterhood brings together two or more women who share a lot in common, and helps them thrive in their union. Sisterhood is to be there for your friend, it is to be present when your friend is passing through the hot furnace of life, it is to be there when your…

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