stop and smell the roses…

A journey through the past and i find myself smiling as i reminisce over memories. My life indeed is full.Like I have actually had an amazing life so far! It is not easy to notice the good when you keep staring at the bad and today i shall celebrate the good that has come my way.


Home is the place where when you go,they have to accept you.Like they do not have a choice and I am living proof of that. I was a rebel,right after high school!I had that whole attitude of being an adult and it’s my life and you just cannot make decisions without consulting me(older siblings have the tendency to ‘meddle’) and so in my process of figuring me out and all,I ended up doing some silly things like moving in with friends because I could not stand family or decided they did not understand me.There was a time i pissed off my sister so bad that she decided she was not talking to me for two weeks!Any way,when that season passed,I was welcomed with open arms and no questions asked and when I went back, it was like I never left.Home indeed is a happy place.I am grateful for my family.Would never exchange them for another.We are imperfectly perfect meant to be in each others lives. Love you Molla’s.


This is one of those areas I have had to learn things the hard way!Wow,so,friends,you can only have a handful!Like the people who you are okay being you without apologies and those who take you as you are?Yeah,these are a handful.For someone like me,who is extroverted and who has a big heart,believes in believing the best in people,it is a hard nut to swallow but i finally came to understand that just because we share the same environmental space does not make us friends.We have a lot of acquaintances.I have had some of the craziest break ups with people I thought friends only for them to turn out to be strangers,because of things they did and said.I know I am not perfect but I am quite faithful and loyal to people I consider friends.Okay,I try my best to be the best friend I can be but life sadly is not fair and I have come to accept that with a lot of grace.I have on the other hand formed some pretty awesome friendships that I am sure will survive until death do us part.I have met people who have filled my life with so much joy and happiness and who have helped me become the person I am to me.I also learned there are people who come to your life for a season so it is important to know when a season starts and when it ends so that you do not lose out on anything.To friendship,true friendship,i raise a glass and if you have friends,those peeps you know have your back no matter what,you have a reason to smile every day as no amount of money can replace that.And yes,we all fall for those who masquerade as friends but are just out o mess us up but hey,there is a lesson in every experience if you look through carefully!


I think this has given my life the most entertainment!I have met and dated enough guys and it has been amazing.There are those I was sure I was going to marry,then those who,well,were dated simply because of how cute they were.(my sister assured me this was a phase…the whole looks thing) and i came to agree.There was a time that if you are not hot,and Boris Kodjoe was the one to beat,by the way,we were going nowhere.(random thought,I wonder how Mrs. Kodjoe feels about her man being many women’s fantasy guy)But I have since grown up and I think all these relationships,with their ending,I learned something new about myself.I learned from every man who has ever held that special place in my hear and how I am friends with all my exes surprises me but it’s a good thing.I look back and smile as i realize,even those that ended in tears,planted some beautiful flowers in my garden called my life.They have all added something that’s precious and I am happy I dated each and every one of them.

Today,I am just happy and grateful for all the people who have come across my path and I say God bless you for allowing me to share your lives with you.


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