Love bug


Is this what it feels like

when one is bitten by the love bug?

A feeling of suffocation,

If but a day passes by

Without your eyes settling on

Thine object of desire?

A feeling of your heart racing

Like Hamilton’s race car

Or your head spinning so fast,

You feel like you will fall,

Simply because he did not call

Or text to say ‘wassup?’

This out of body experience,

Where you are not in charge

Of your feelings and emotions

You find yourself missing him so bad

It actually hurts

Even after telling yourself

That you would not think about him

Or wanting him so badly

That if you saw him across the road

You would not care about the cars

You would just race towards him

To hold him and feel him close to you

To not want to let him go…

Is this whatit’s like,

Remembering every little detail

About him

His laughter, his voice.

His reactions when he is mad

Nothing about him seems to escape you.

You know his every movement, almost by heart

You can feel his presence when he draws near

Without necessarily seeing him.

I need to now Coz I am going insane

With missing him and wanting him

With wishing we could disappear,

Just the two of us

To a world unknown

Just to stare into each other’s eyes

To enjoy a comfortable silence between us

To whisper sweet nothings….

Then you’re jerked back to reality,

And he is still not near.

And he has not yet texted

To say ‘wassup’

And your heart is still racing

And you still feel like you’re chocking

And your head’s still spinning

And somewhere you’re still wishing….


p/s: hmmm,isn’t the gift of writing the most amazing gift of alone?how you can capture moments and emotions in words? super amazing!!!


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