I choose to love

I loved once and it hurt. I loved a second time,and it hurt even more. I though to stop loving. To never again put my heart out there only to be hurt yet again. But before that became law,i took a walk down memory lane and in the midst of the pain,there were joys. Is it roses among thorns or thorns among roses?either way,the two do not exist without the other. So i had a choice to make. To never again enjoy the fragrance of the roses or to go ahead and pick them,knowing full well that the thorns could and would scratch me…the roses appealed more…
Ever heard that loving costs.but.not loving costs even more?
We all have our stories of a love gone sour. Why we choose to dwell on the pain instead of the good,is still a mystery. Why do we let the one mistake cancel all the other happy memories. Why do we choose to let go of the positive and hold on.to the negative as if our lives depend on them. Once bitten,twice shy you say. That translated in my world simply means,be more careful next time. Learn from the mistakes.
I love love. I love loving. I lovw being in love. And i know with love you have no guarantees. Becaused you cannot.control the other person but you know what,let me gamble with my heart,if it means love growing in me,by all means,let me gamble with love. You win some,others you lose. Who’s to know the one you lwt go wouldnt have made you complete? The onw you decide to not love could be the one who was to.come.and set.the record straight? You don’t. You have no guarantees. So will you live your life like an ostrich,burying your head in the sand? I know i wont. I cannot. I want an abundant life. The abundant life Christ died for me to have and so i will love. I will love and love and love. If you chance to pass by me, you will experience the love. And if you walk on;if i wont be your stop;your final destination,so be it. I will smile coz it happened,not cry coz it ended. I know that one day he that is my Adam,will pass my way and finding his missing rib,will stay,coz then he will have found his missing piece of the puzzle. So no regrets. No wishing things were different. Accept life as it is and move on till the day i finally get home. I choose to love and love and love.


13 thoughts on “I choose to love

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