So,just how important are your friendships?would you like give something up if you thought it meant more to your friend?yet again,what is friendship?what do you mean when you call someone your friend?i was once told,you have enough acquaintances but very few friends…i argued it but now i know its true…friends are few and rare.and you are not my friend just because fate has us on each other’s face every are my friend because you have my back. You are my friend because i can count on are my friend becausex you care about me and my feelings…you are my friend because you are honest with tell me the truth even when its too ugly or too difficult to are my friend because you laugh with and not at are my friend because when i make a mistake,you help.get me back on track and then once i have recovered we can joke about are my friend because you love me for me and because you are my friend.
Friends are rare and few and im glad that i have a few good friends around me. You know yourselves… Thank you for being in my life… Mwaaahhhhh!!!!!


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