Option vs priority

So,its one of those days when thoughts just
flow.first came in the thought that i came into this world alone and thus i will leave.i ask, ‘what then is the purpose for family and friends?’ Well,they are like flowers,there to beautify your world.so,my life is better with them,terribly lonely wifhout them but my life is not about them!an aha!moment you wouls think it is,only its not.its just a truth i find difficult to live out but today this thought would not let be,so i let it be.
I have been referred to as nice. Not very sure of its implications but it does sound cool. I trust too soon and too much;a weakness.i have this thing of giving people the benefit of doubt.i can be objective if need be but otherwise,i try to look for the good in people and i am the one who ends up getting hurt…i just never learn…
Friends? Who are they?are the people i gossip with or those i attend Bs with? Are they my neighbors or that person who just tells you the truth as it is?is it the person who mourns with me or the one who rejoices with me. All i know is i know i have been a friend.and when i consider you a friend,i become protective of you and i think of you deeply. I worry on your behalf;not a good thing but i do. The problem is times im too extreme and my friends come first.i know the good book commands me to be kind and generally nice to everyone.that i can manage. But the one sided friendships,let me just say,im done.been there,done that,got a t shirt,and im proud to wear it coz it means o graduated! But really,i am human and i aint perfect and i need to refill myself.it takes two tango. In short what i am saying in so many words is that dont make someone a priority when you are but an option.do not invest too much…love yourself enough to realize you deserve better. Thats all im saying.


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