What I Want…

I just wanna be
The best me i can be.
To wake up in the morning
Have a smile on my face
Not having to worry
About this or that.
To be content
With what i have
Not to sell my soul
To have what they have.
I want my own mind
Not to be swayed
By what the rest think
To stand up for something
I’d give my life for
Because i believe in it.
I wanna know what counts
That which is important
Not to go chasing after the wind
For that which will leave me
High and dry.
I want to live and enjoy life
Not to merely exist
I want to know my passion
Follow my heart’s desire.
In short i guess,
I want to be happy
With myself
And enjoy
My time on earth…


8 thoughts on “What I Want…

  1. I’m kind of stunned to read this. If you were standing infront of me, reading it aloud to me, I would have eyebrows raised in joyful surprise and an enormous smile on my face.
    I would say to you jokingly – Have I been talking in my sleep whilst you sat quietly by, taking notes and then adding some thoughts of your own?
    I hope you know what I mean. It is meant well.
    I like the way you think and it seems we think in some ways very much alike.

    P.S. Would you consider changing the subtitle of your blog, please? Just another wordpress.com site? It isn’t that at all. 🙂

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