stand on what you know

our break through at times require us to do just that, break through.Like the paralytic in Mark 2. the one who’s friends lowered to Jesus via the roof. they saw the places was crowded,even the doors but they also knew that Jesus was in there and He was able to heal their friend and they decided they would do whatever it will take to ensure their friend gets to see Jesus.

Could be they were tired of carrying him around or it could be they just wanted their friend to know the joy of what is to walk,whatever their motivation they believed and it was done to them according to their faith….

in life,I think we just need to know who it is that can sort us.we just need to know that he can and he will in his time and stand on that truth because God is not man that He should lie.know that you know that you know in your heart,that the Lord has your back and that He cares for you and wants the best for you. Do not be bothered by everyone else,just know what you know in God and let that be your truth and the ground you stand on.


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