You all look at me

wishing i was this and that

if i were to conform to all of y’all

who would i end up as?

one cannot serve

two masters at at a time

how should serve

all of your desires

i come to tell you today

imperfect is my middle name

if you got issues with that

you can try to absorb them with tissue

if it does not work

pick it up with God

so many nights i’ve spent

in tears and tossing

trying to come up with ways

to make up for my deficiency

long,or short hair

skinny or big

which way will the fashion magazines

define beautiful

when the sun rises?

Daddy looks at me disapprovingly

i was only seventeen

when it all happened

i was his little princess

he struggles with forgiving me

though my little angel he adores

it breaks my heart so

every time our eyes meet

i didn’t mean to hurt him

man is to err

i made a mistake i know

crushed his perfect view

of the imperfect me…

i am woman

not super human

i have feelings and emotions

i do get hurt

a wife is a good thing

says the good book

good and perfection

far from being synonyms

you want me to go to work

come in the evening

and still look like

the girl on the cover of the magazine

expect me to give you offsprings

and still maintain

the runway model figure

i would love to be

your cinderalla or snow white

unfortunately i am me

and imperfect is my middle name.

i have missed your call

not once but a number of times

i bounced you the other day

caught up in unavoidable circumstances

i love you it’s true

Bill Gates i am not

lakini ningekuwa dereva wa citi hoppa

hata kileleshwa tungetembea

sorry to disappoint you though

i am a simple man

who dreams about loving you


imperfect is my middle name

the world has all these pressure

from people near and far

people close and distant

the perfect life

the perfect size

the perfect wife

the perfect man

we struggle night and day

to attain an illusion

an illusion with the name perfection

a chasing after the wind…

Fact is

i am a masterpiece

not because i am flawless

but he who created me is

i have my limitations

yet through him who lives in me

i can do all things.

Fact is

in God i am loved and secure

with all my imperfections

the Son of Man died in my place

and now im heaven bound

though flawed in every manner

and he loves me anyway

so,imperfect is my middle name

and no i ain’t sorry about it

i wish i could be for your sake

it seems to hurt you that i ain’t perfect


we don’t always get what we want

so deal with it or take a walk

imperfect is my middle name


3 thoughts on “I AM IMPAFECT

  1. Hey gal, i love the way you capture the essence of realness in simple words, taking us on a journey of life as a woman/man… i like. afew off spellings here and there but,… imperfect is your middle name! 🙂

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