Back to the basics…..

Spirituality is one of these things where everyone has their own explanation of stuff but to find out the truth you only need to search the Word of God and seek him and you shall find.I am a spiritual person,i believe so.I am a born again Christian with zeal for the Lord and His gospel and I love it.I don’t always act it.So many times I have fallen but I am reminded that a righteous man fall down seven times and seven times he does get back up.Now,it’s amazing that God does not keep a record of wrongdoings,because none of us would have survived the wrath.Ok,at least I know I wouldn’t have.

I have been saved for the past 11 years of my life and times i ain’t so proud to quote that number because i feel like i don’t have to show for it.what?with all the mistakes made.I don’t feel like I have made much input in His Kingdom and so…I rarely mention the years.I remember my first years as a born again somewhere.I could spend up to three hours in morning devotions,having quiet time.With time,I guess I allowed myself to become too casual with God that I take our relationship casually.Oh yes,I said relationship.It is a relationship you know.And just like our human relationships that wither with a lack of communication and interaction,so does our relationship with God.There’s need for regular communication.In this case,daily and a number of times during the day.

If I am to use myself,the guys who’ve dated me can tell you just how serious communication is to me.If you’re not up for the challenge,you know the path that you got to me with,you can use it out.Very serious by the way.And so for me I feel God looking at me saying,’What if I place the same kind of measures,where would you be?’Let’s not go beyond that thought.I need to up my game because truth of the matter is that,I miss my moments with God.They always left me feeling so refreshed and inspired to take on the day.Nowadays,I just seem to exist.

Prayer cannot be substituted by anything in this relationship.Prayer is God’s direct line that is never off or too busy.It is the way we get to seek Him and know him.And there is power in prayer.Now,you do not have to close your eyes for you to pray.As has always been said,there is no magic to prayer.It is just having a conversation with God.A communing with the Father,so hey,you don’t need to have a degree in theology for you to be able to say a prayer.And no.God does not look for flashiness in prayer,the simpler the better.What matters most is the sincerity of your heart.

So,I am going back to the heart of worship;going back to the basics;going back to His heart.I re dedicate my life to Him.Wanting my life to be about him and to reduce that He may increase till only He remains.I just have to make my mind up that it is He I choose and stick to that.To be a freak and a fanatic for JC.




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