I thought I did not have rights

Rights to happiness

Rights to love and be loved

Rights to be successful

And leave a dent on the earth

Rights to plan a trip to the Maldives

And see it come to life

Rights to want good things for me.

I thought I needed permission,

Just didn’t know from whom,

So I continued lurking in the shadows,

Denying myself life-changing opportunities,

Because how dare I?

Because who am I to even dream?

Well, the wheels are changing,

And I have awaken to the realization that has always stared me in the face only I didn’t recognize it,

I have the rights to live my best life now, tomorrow and every other day,

Jesus died for those rights.

And made me worthy of them.

You too.

P/s: I don’t what you have been dying yourself because you thought you didn’t deserve it. This J just a reminder that you do have the rights.



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