My way or the highway

We don’t see life as it is but as we are. I am not sure who said that but I have proved this saying over and over, in my own life and through other people.

Our opinions of things is usually based on our own experiences, therefore not usually objective. When someone is not of the same school of thought as us, we find it tricky to accept them as; we may end up accepting it amidst a lot of laxity. It is the easiest way.

How about how we forget where we come from? How now that we are at point J, we find people at the beginner’s level very irritating and difficult to deal with? How easy, as Christians as well, we forget of the many sins the Lord has forgiven us,and how difficult it is for us to extend the same grace and patience that the Lord deals with us?

I know I am guilty of this. Of judging people unfairly because they are at a place I was at years ago and I wonder why they can’t get it. Or looking down on people who I think are not in my league… And when the Lord called me out on this pride, I was left drawing a map of Kenya using my foot on the ground, not because I was blushing but out of embarrassment. And I confessed and sought forgiveness. And now I try to be more undestanding and more gracious. I still fall, but that’s just it, I’m not perfect and God knows it but he appreciates and rewards the effort,I believe.

So today,before you go out pointing fingers; before you judge; before you look down on another; before you choose not to forgive,think of the many times you have been forgiven,and grace has been granted and ask yourself, WWJD, What Would Jesus Do? I need a wrist band printed with those initials.

Have a graceful day!!!


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