Self-centred “Friendships”

I have always prided myself in being a good friend. I take my friendships very seriously and I always try as much as possible to always be there for people I call friends; and these are not many. Well, I may use the term loosely because it's much easier to say it than acquaintance or … Continue reading Self-centred “Friendships”



I have loved and been loved. I have lost a lot in this game called love. I have loved those I knew could never be mine. I have been loved by those I knew we would never be. I have loved those who there was great hope but then, something happens and the light at … Continue reading Love

finding the right fit

Good morning, For the next few days, when you visit this blog, you may find different themes happening.Kindly bear with me.I am trying to find the right fit.The theme that I will want to carry on for the next say 6months.Change is scary yet it brings with it new experiences,so,be patient as I try to … Continue reading finding the right fit