Back To The Basics… Unmasking Self…

Today I was reminded about the simple things in life being the ones that matter most. I was reminded that when all is said and done, you want to fall back on the simple, non-complicated things of life, like family, or a hot cup of tea on your favorite couch. I was reminded that the … Continue reading Back To The Basics… Unmasking Self…


of friends and exes

we once had a discussion with some of my friends about one's friend dating the friend's ex and almost all my friends were like they would not be ok with it. I shared the same opinion at some point,until it hit me,'why not?' Why will it not be ok for my friend to date my … Continue reading of friends and exes

of apologies and life lessons

times we say things without thinking.actually that is what we do most of the times as human beings. we react to circumstances instead of act. we think too highly of ourselves and have little or no room at all for other people. there is a blog i follow called the daily love and if nothing … Continue reading of apologies and life lessons