Save Myself

Hi Dear, I love you. That's for true. I always want to ensure you are good. I go over and beyond for you because you are important to me. This at the end of the day is what friendship is supposed to be about, no? Being there for each other at all times, for as … Continue reading Save Myself


Hidden Figures

I finally got to watch this beautiful and inspiring movie. From when I saw the trailer and read reviews on it, I knew i wanted to watch it without any distractions or disturbances and today the opportunity presented itself. It was well worth the wait and taught me a few lessons while at it. 1. … Continue reading Hidden Figures

of friends and exes

we once had a discussion with some of my friends about one's friend dating the friend's ex and almost all my friends were like they would not be ok with it. I shared the same opinion at some point,until it hit me,'why not?' Why will it not be ok for my friend to date my … Continue reading of friends and exes