Hidden Figures

I finally got to watch this beautiful and inspiring movie. From when I saw the trailer and read reviews on it, I knew i wanted to watch it without any distractions or disturbances and today the opportunity presented itself. It was well worth the wait and taught me a few lessons while at it. 1. … Continue reading Hidden Figures


Multi vs Single Tasking: know your niche

  Where would you like to be in the next 1, 5,10 years, is a question we often ask ourselves and other people.Having a vision helps you keep focused. Knowing the end game; the destination; somewhat affects how you travel there. So I was asked that question the other day, career- wise and I went … Continue reading Multi vs Single Tasking: know your niche


Every day, is a chance to learn a new lesson if you choose to look at life as half full instead of half empty.The people you meet,the situations you find yourself in;they all carry a lesson for us,if only we took the time to be in the moments.Being in the moment like when you are … Continue reading self-faithfulness