Love Like God.

God is our Father and thus, loves us just as we are and where we’re at, without conditions. He simply loves us. Of course He trains us in the way we should go and He will correct us when we go astray but it all comes from a place of love and maybe that’s why we respond to Him like we do. Because love does things to us.

Parents simply fall in love with their babies as soon as they lay eyes on them. The baby has just showed up. It hasn’t done anything yet it receives overwhelming and unconditional love. A parent does not give their child conditions for them to love it. They just love and out of that love, want the best for them and so they will train them in a way that is right. The child does not always obey, but even when they disobey and walk astray, the parent may be grieved but the love remains. And at times a parent’s love has to watch the child get into trouble because you really can’t force your way on another. And it breaks their hearts. Because they know the pain their baby will have to experience as a consequence of some of the choices they make, and love always protects, or desires so, but we don’t always give it the chance to. And yet, it still remains. For when we come back to our senses.

As God’s children, we are to embody His ways and live out His character. Yes we are human and imperfect but we also have Jesus in our corner and we can do all things through Him… not in our strength but through Him who is already all the things we are trying to be.

So, how do we love? Remembering love is the greatest commandment. Love God with all you’ve got and your neighbour as yourself. But do we? Love our neighbours as ourselves? Do we love them just as they are; where they are, or do we have a list of conditions, requiring them to earn our love?

Does our love cover over a multitude of sins? Is it unconditional, because love truly is the one thing that can make people change for the better. Not rejection. Not parameters/boundaries, but love.

How well do we love our neighbours?

When you love someone, your instinct will always be to want to protect them; to want the best for them; to care for them; to be concerned about them. Is this how we love?

I know I have given up on people. I know I have walked away from others because they did not “meet my standards” as if. I have judged. I have put others down. I have been unloving towards many, yet I call God my Father.

Love loves because of love. Loving your neighbour means being kind towards them; not harming them or plotting evil against them; and no, you do not have to be friends because love; God’s kind of love, looks out and sees children of God all over, and how can you not love your siblings?

If God’s love becomes our love foundation, the rest will become easy to do. The other types of love. If you build them on Agape love. And you have access to Agape love to draw from when you’re feeling a bit tried by your fellow humans.

Remember, wanting the best for someone includes tough love. So, it’s not all roses. At times you have to say no to people you love, but if they know it comes from s place of love and concern, they may “hate” you for a minute, but they will come around. Because that’s just what love does.

So, how’s your loving today?



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