Love…We Meet Again…

Love must really be the king/queen of words prom, depending on your preference of what gender best suits her. I guess I just made my preference known. I digress.

We all crave it. We all are capable of it it. We all have moments where we fear it. Love is one of those things that just when you think you’ve got a grasp on it, it pulls a fast one on you. But I love her, love I mean.

I remember the first time I allowed myself to let love grow in me, in a romantic way. It was beautiful and I enjoyed loving and then the recipient broke my heart. And it hurt but the pain was not bad enough to numb the beauty of love. My heart and I remained open to love.

I continued loving. Some relationships blossomed beautifully and ran their course. Some situations, let’s just say, loving and not being loved back is a very real thing and none of us should take it personally. I have never allowed anyone to take away the joy of love from me, simply because they didn’t know how to receive mine or to give me theirs.

I recently found love. After a while. I think we had both travelled to different places foe some vacation and alone time. The romantic love, I mean. Her other relatives are always around. Love for family and friends and God. Those are somewhat constant. Anyways, so our paths recently crossed again and boy hasn’t it been awesome catching up.

We were both at the airport, waiting to load our flight back and love saw me first. She walked towards me casually and tapped me on the shoulder, I looked up and my eyes immediately lit up as I smiled warmly at her and stood up and embraced her. It had been a while and OT felt real good to see her again.

As the flight was delayed, we decided to have a glass of red dry wine to catch up. We found a nice spot to sit and toasted to the many years of friendship.

She looked at me for a while and said, “You really are happy to see me this time around. I can see it in your eyes. With how you are so at peace. I think you’re finally getting to experience me in a healthy space. And I couldn’t be happier for our paths crossing now. You were finally ready for me and I am excited for this next chapter of your life.”

We raised our glasses to that. To being ready, to the right time and to the next chapter. I was really happy to have met up with love again. And this time, it’s like nothing I’ve experienced before.

I looked at love and smiled. “Love, you were worth the wait, I mist admit. Once I decided what I wanted, I refused to settle. I walked away from situations that would have chocked you out, instead of allowing you to thrive. I said good bye to those that masqueraded as you, only to find an empty shell when I figured deeper. I valued your cousin’s presence a lot more, self love, and she and I had some awesome time and that allowed me to be somewhat ready for you and I am ever so happy I waited.”

Love smiled and responded, “That’s the whole reason I went on vacation from you. I needed you and cousin self love to have a moment for you to learn some fundamental things and I always know when the time is right for me to come back. And now I’m back and I cannot wait for the adventures that lay ahead of us. It’s been too long since we were in the same page.”

I took a sip of my wine as I nodded in agreement. “It has been, but as I said, all worth the wait.” I winked at her as we heard our flight being announced as ready for boarding. We downed what was left of our wine, embraced once again, and headed towards the plane.

I must have been walking with a skip because it really did feel fantabulous to find love again. And I couldn’t wait for us to land back home and really get on with the adventure of loving another and what that brings with it.

To be continued…



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