I Am Not My Hair

So, earlier in the year, I woke up one day and decided to cut my hair. And it wasn’t a trim, it was a shave. All the way down and I believed it was my head, my hair, my choice. I have come to be proven wrong by the number of people, mainly close to me who have reacted in a manner to suggested I broke a sacred code.

One of those people is a good friend I had not seen in a while until today. I bumped into him and the “heartbreak” he expressed towards my new hairstyle had me in stitches, mainly because of how “serious” he seemed. It reminded me of one of my younger brother’s reaction when he first saw me with the new hair do. He was mortified and both were asking why they were not consulted before my making such a drastic decision? Did I not know how invested they were in my hair and I’m like, “Sorry, what?” My brother went as far as to say if money was the issue, he would have gladly helped with that bill. You clearly don’t miss the water till the well runs dry.

I had no idea people “loved” my long hair that much. It was genuinely beautiful, long black and natural hair but my gosh, who knew. So my friend went on to suggest how there needs to be a commission of inquiry set up to investigate the reasons that led to such a drastic decision and how they should set up a “Government” to run my hair affairs. I laughed so hard, the Lord only knows.

Well, below are the before and after photos of my hairstyle. Feel free to weigh in now that there seems to be a number of people in their feelings about this.

Personally, I love the short hair. It saves me time. I do not have to stress over what should I do next and where I go to get it cut, there’s this lady who gives heavenly head, neck and shoulder massages. Maybe is salons introduced this after service I will consider bringing back the long hair?

For now, I’ll enjoy the perks of my short hair.

Short hair



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