I Feel Pretty – Inspired by An Amy Schumer Movie

I have been afraid to talk about body issues, because I have been afraid of being judged, cos I have received that judgment, because I’m skinny and the world says skinny is better. But shouldn’t all body shaming be wrong? Like just because you see me and think I’m #bodygoals does not mean I cannot also have insecurities about my looks.

I have been underweight for a while and so whenever I say I want to add weight, I get dagger eyes and I’m like but I’m not healthy. I cannot even donate blood. Donating blood for some reason is a big thing for me and they have a weight limit for it and I did donate blood once. It was something I was hoping to do more often but then my weight, or lack of it happened.

And I get that my struggles are not the same as someone who’s trying to lose weight, but they are my struggles and they are real and I think people should just learn to be OK with that.

I mean, why do we always want to tell people what they can feel or what they should react over, like who made anyone the judge of that? We are different and come from different backgrounds and that means that we deal with things differently and if we gave each other more room just to be and feel whatever we want, with openness and grace and not judgment, I think we would all be a lot happier.

So, I am trying to #changethenarrative about different ideas and beliefs in societies and this is one of them. True, fashion has set it’s standards. True, people judge us first by our appearance but who said you can’t dress your curves sexily? And when all is said and done people get real and they want people with character and depth. And we are all capable of that. We all have depth and awesome stuff to add to the world. Because we are all God’s creations and we are all fearfully and wonderfully made.

So yes, let us have enough love for each other to allow each other to be and feel and let us not feel in any way threatened by someone else’s whatever it is. And let us not allow our insecurities turn us into hateful people. That doesn’t look good on us.

I’m skinny, people love how I look, but I don’t care about them. This is about me and my health. And so until I get to the weight where Red Cross will not thank me for the thought, my goal is to add at least 5kgs and if you decide to have an issue with that, well I cannot take a painkiller for your headache. Positive vibes only.

Let’s be more loving and support each other on whatever our journey is, even if we don’t understand the other person’s. Cos it’s not always about us and at times we just need to say, “I don’t understand why this is an issue for you, but I care about you and so I will care about this issue and support it” because that’s really where true love lives. Of course unless you’re self destructing then we may need to lock you up. Lol.


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