I will wait

I know you look at yourself and think you’re not enough
You look around and everyone else seems to be better than you
You think if you had certain opportunities,
That your life would be different.
It probably would.
But that’s not what’s important
You are my child and my plans for you are and have always been good
Plans for a hope and a future
Now, I know its not always easy
To see things my way, or even trust my process
My ways are not your ways, neither are my thoughts yours
And so I understand the times you’ve stepped out of my plan
And taken matters into your own hands,
My grace is sufficient
For the past, present and future mishaps
When my Son died, He said ‘It is finished
We are people of our word
He meant it
He paid in full for your life insurance
It covers everything you will ever do
All you have to do is accept
So stop being hard on yourself
Stop trying to look for ways to make up for your mess
You can or earn that which is free
My grace and forgiveness are free
So just stop and receive them
And allow me to get you back on track
My plans for have never changed
They get delayed every time you wander
But I am the author of time so it’s not too late till I say so
So child, just stop and let go
Stop and let me in
Stop and follow my lead
And I will show you great and wonderful things you have not yet seen
I know it’s difficult for you to trust
Because people have always sold their loyalty to you
And you used to trust easy
But they took advantage and broke something in you
So your guard is up
You always want to know the cost
It’s always cost you something
And so free is almost a concept you don’t understand.
But stop and give me a try
What do you have to lose anyways?
I know you’re scared.
I promise to never leave nor forsake you
If you give me your hand, I’ll never let go
I gave my Only Son for you,
I did not withhold my very best
If that isn’t love,
Tell me what is.
I’m willing to listen
Cos I love you
And only want what’s best for you
You were made for so much more
You just need to let go and let God
And trust that I got you
Cos whether you believe it or not,
I do have you.
I’m here. Waiting. Going nowhere. That’s what true love does. It waits.
Whenever you’re ready,


Your Abba Father


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