Save Myself

Hi Dear,

I love you. That’s for true. I always want to ensure you are good. I go over and beyond for you because you are important to me. This at the end of the day is what friendship is supposed to be about, no? Being there for each other at all times, for as long as we are able? And I know at times I just cannot help myself. I think of myself as the one who always has it together and that everyone else needs saving.

It has been a good cover. It keeps the spotlight on you and keeps me from really talking about myself and what’s going on in my own life. Because I want to continue to be the symbol of strength that you have come to depend on. But I am not always strong and now it’s catching up with me. I need to deal with all these things that I have sweeping under the carpet. It is time for  me to save myself.

So, this is me taking a step back to actually be there for me; to be my strength; to save me; to love me; to be a friend to me. 

See you around!



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