An Ode to Writing…

Writing is how I feel things and experience them and make sense of them. 

It is how my soul speaks and communicates

Writing makes me go to places that I would otherwise not dare to

And every time I take a hiatus from it

My soul wanders about aimlessly

Life feels a bit aloof

I always feel like I’m somewhere in the clouds.

Writing provides me with a solid foundation

Where I can be me and not worry about anything else

Where my fears do come alive but I get to slay them

Writing is my sanity

It keeps alive, and I don’t just mean in the existing kind of way

Writing is my bff

It is how I go through life without losing myself

It is the one thing, I can always count on to pick me up

When I have fallen so far off

Writing is my life

And every time I walk away from it,

I am less of me.



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