Hidden Figures

I finally got to watch this beautiful and inspiring movie. From when I saw the trailer and read reviews on it, I knew i wanted to watch it without any distractions or disturbances and today the opportunity presented itself. It was well worth the wait and taught me a few lessons while at it.

1. Know Thineself
Katherine, Dorothy and Mary knew who they were and this is one of the reasons for me, they got to achieve all that they did. They were not blind to the fact that they were women and black in a largely male and white dominated space. But guess what, they did not become victims of their circumstances; instead, they rose above. They refused to be denied their dreams just because a few things were working against them. They were aware of the situation of racism and prejudice, but their dreams were larger. The grace with which Dorothy handled her direct supervisor, that taught me something; when you know where you’re headed, you do not allow side shows to deter you and side shows could be in the form of your boss or in the case of Mary, you cannot allow anyone, not even your life partner to keep you from making your dreams come true.

2. Friendships

You need to have friends who will have your back, who have your best interest at heart and those who will push you to be the best version of yourself possible. The night Katherine had to work late, her friends waited for her for hours because they understood one, the importance of the assignment she had just gotten and two, they were her ride anyways. Notice how only a sentence or two was said in reference to the wait and it was never spoken of again. Friends help and love you unconditionally. How about Mary going on and on about the Engineering situation and Dorothy called her out on it and was like ‘You either do something about it or you shut it.’ She understood that the talk was not going to get her anyway and that was probably the tough love she needed to hear before actually acting. When correction comes from a friend, it is always covered with love. The final example of this must be the “hook-up” after Sunday. They knew their girl was single; a widow and they saw this striking gentleman and Mary did not hesitate in pushing Katherine out there. Your friends always look out for you.

3. Love

I am a hopeless romantic so of course there was going to be a lesson on love. Love will always find its way to your heart; you don’t need to go out searching. Okay, before I get lynched here let me clarify something. I do not in any way mean don’t meet new people or just be all about your work,no. I simply mean,do not get desperate or anxious about wanting love; she has your address,when you are ready, she will find her way to you.And when you are ready, you will know how to handle yourself with respect and dignity around that person; you will not allow yourself to be mishandled, simply because you do not want to lose this person. You will be able to clearly state your values and walk away with no regrets.

4. Dating

I know a lot of my generation and the one after will probably roll their eyes at me about this, but well, this is what free speech is all about! LOL. I have always loved the old way of dating. I find it very respectful and with more substance. You actually get to know someone without sex being on the table. I found it so cute when Jim was like, ‘I think I have now earned the right to kiss you’ that was too romantic for me and I am like I want that. I want to be courted and as I should. I feel it makes the whole experience more fun and you always have something to look forward to and I most definitely do not want to be sleeping with every man who glances my way. I definitely want my marriage to be something special and so, this is something I will uphold in my life going forward so help me God.

5. Leadership

Katherine’s boss proved the whole notion that the leader sets the tone for their organization. Whatever you do as a leader, best believe it will be replicated in your company. Your team watches you and learns from you how to behave. When he found out about the whole colored and white washrooms and the coffee jug, he could have forwarded the issue to HR, or would have chosen to not make it his problem. His next steps, however, prove he understood that there are things that a leader cannot possibly delegate. He takes matters into his own hands and dismantles the signage with ‘colored bathrooms’ on it and makes it known that washrooms will just be washrooms and you get to use the one that is nearest to your desk. As a leader, you will need to learn the things to delegate and those not to. Please remember that you set the tone so what you don’t like in your people could be actually something that stems right from you. Check yourself first!

Hidden figures is truly an amazing movie and very inspirational because it actually happened! Only you can set the boundaries for yourself as to how far you can go. Where there is a will there most definitely will always be a way!

https://123movies.is/film/hidden-figures-18899/  – [you can watch it here if you haven’t]



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