Do it Afraid

At times I wake up and I’m afraid. My mind races and I am not sure about this path I have chosen for myself. At times I self – doubt. What was I thinking? I have only done one delivery since I started. The month is a wrap. What am I doing?
These are the times it helps to go back to the Why? To the reason why I chose this path of BYOB. Was it just to make money, or to do something more? I believed in the brand and yes there was an opportunity. It could also become an employer of other young people. Give them a chance to make something of themselves. Making the world a better place is always at the core of what I do, even if that means just changing one life. It is enough.

My former boss told me to just start and figure it out as I go. I am a perfectionist, so I always get in my own way. I am scared of making a loss;of charging too low but these are lessons that need to be learned on the road. So today, I will not wait any longer for the silver lining in the cloud; I will not wait for the stars to align. I will do it afraid. I will start even though I don’t have the whole plan figured out. I will take that first step and leave myself open to learning daily as I go along. As they say, when the student is ready, the master appears. I will keep myself ready, and keep forging ahead. Believing in self first because people will only believe in you if you believe in yourself and at times, people will be too busy with their lives to cheer you on that you will need to cheer yourself on and that’s okay, because the dream is yours. The dream is mine.

I don’t need to have it all figured out to start, I just need to start.



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