Life Happens… I guess

It’s 1:00 a.m. and I am still awake. This rarely happens. I have a standard bed time that is between 9-10pm. Anyways, life happens I guess. I was to write this earlier but then again, life happens. Lol.

Heading to work, I heard on the radio about the famine that is being experienced in certain parts of the country and it made me appreciate the food on my table more. I am quite the poor eater (but I still want to add weight), and the idea of someone not knowing where their next meal will come from has humbled me a bit and I’ll be a bit more considerate when it comes to food. 

I watched an add on the Mad over Marketing face book page about water conservation and it said something like, “only use what you need” and the next time I was at a tap, I found myself minding the water. It’s not even an ad in Kenya but the message is powerful and has clearly sank in. 

I think about death a lot. I feel I don’t understand it, but is there anyone who does anyways? I have experienced loss through death but I somehow think I will call or email and these dearly departed will respond. I find it hard to wrap my head around the “no more” bit. It will come to me soon though. I’ll get a grasp of it.

Communication is a major deal breaker for me. Like major. And I try and explain this to people. I have come to accept though, that it is not a big deal to everyone else. I have also come to accept that if someone genuinely cares about you, they’ll work towards trying to alleviate your concerns. They may not do it to your level (which in my case means almost perfect, and I know, not healthy), but they will make an effort.

Love cannot be forced. It has a life of its own. Have you read the Zahir, by Paulo Coelho. It portrays love in a very beautiful way. At times we love and don’t get love back. At times we are loved, and we don’t give love back. The magic of course happens when we love and are loved. It’s a beautiful thing, but you should not be oblivious of the other 2 possible outcomes. Also, people have different love languages. Figure them out and don’t insist on loving someone in your own way. Instead, love them in the way they understand cos only then will that love make sense.

People who care about you will worry about you whether you want them to or not, so let them be. Don’t fight it much. Don’t try to keep them from doing it. Its just what you do when you care. But you also need to know when to not let that care keep you from going after your dreams or from pursuing a certain opportunity. The care is genuine and comes from a kind place but at times it can be a stumbling block. Learn to let them down gently. It’s never personal. 

Life is not black or white; it has a rainbow and that’s the beauty of it. And that’s surprising coming from me, the planner, who thinks things should take a specific course. We live and we learn, right? Be flexible. Have fun while at it. You’ll never really have a the answers. And the path ahead at times can be very scary but you won’t really know until you take the path. Don’t box yourself in. Spread your wings and fly… 

You are important. Your ideas matter. Your opinions are of value and anyone who refuses to give you a hearing then is really not worth your time. You cannot out a price to your dignity, so don’t ever let anyone take it from you. I know, standing up for yourself can mean going against the grain, but you have to have your back; cos if you don’t, who will? 

Always do you, because only you get to deal with the consequences of your decisions, so be straight up with yourself and choose the path that seems to fit you most, even though the world around you disagrees. 

I work pretty well under pressure and I kind of need the pressure I am about to throw myself in, to stretch myself out and see just how fly I can go. 

Always be peaceable, always smile, always have your head held up high, always forgive, did I say smile? 



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