Changes – 2017

2017 needs to count…

I need to love me more. I realise in theory I say I do but my actions don’t show it much.

I need to believe that I have what it takes, degree or not, my circumstances do not have to define me. I am more than that.

I am beautiful and it’s okay to smile at that. I know I have been crucified for it. I know I am misjudged for it. At times people just see a pretty face until I open my mouth and they actually get surprised that I have a brain and that I am brilliant. To not let that bother me. It is their stereotype, I cannot change it and I should not let it change me either. I should just do me and unapologetically so.

I am worthy of good things. Not because I just think it but Christ did not die on the cross for me to live an average life. He came that I should have an abundant life; a full life, so it’s time I started doing so.

I need to go out more. Socialize with other humans more. I know I love and enjoy my company but I know only so much and very little growth can happen by myself, so I need to have lunch or dinner or tea with like minded people, or not. Just be out there and experience life through other people’s eyes

I have been too careful and calculated. Wanting to know the entire plan before making a move. Its got me nowhere.I need to have more faith. Trust in the process.

I think I am finally done with waiting for the stars to align. I just need to start. And believe in me above all else. Because that belief is what will fuel me to greater and greater heights.

2017 has officially been launched in Gladysville. Its the year to do it big or do it big; there’s no other option.



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