They say it comes before a fall… Those who know me well know that I have a proud streak about me. It is not anything I am proud of, haha, see what I did there? But it is the truth. My pride makes it very difficult at times, for me to accept things that are not in line with my thought process. It at times leads me to make decisions that I later wish I had not made but then also keeps me from admitting that I was wrong. But who really wants to be wrong anyways? So, at times I ha e stayed on a lane whose end is destruction simply because saying ‘I’m sorry, I was wrong,’ feels like something quite out of character for me. I know, humility is a virtue and I am a disciple. I should definitely do better but I am equally flawed.

God, however, seems to have different plans for me this year, especially with my pride character. He is deciding to deal with it personally and I am not too sure it is a good thing. I mean, I know He always has my best interests at heart but the journey there is not all rosy. So, He is making sure to point out all my proud moments and to poke at me enough to be uncomfortable until I actually apologise and admit of my wrong doing. I have already done so twice in this year and it’s only 11 days into the year. This looks like one of those years I’ll need to buckle up for.

Anyways, pride will always, always come before a fall and you can be sure that when pride checks in, the fall is not too far off. It will soon come to pass, just as day and night. 

For today, the lesson is don’t be too quick to judge, at least not before you hear the other side of the story. It is also a truth that you will not always be in agreement with people but that does not mean someone has to be right or wrong, it simply means there are 1000 ways to skin a cat (or what is that saying?) You get my point. There’s rarely just one way of doing something or getting somewhere and simply because you cannot see any other way from your own, does not mean there’s none. Give people the benefit of doubt. They may know a thing or two you know nothing of, so chill. Taking back your words is not a very easy thing to do. It is somewhere in Proverbs where it says where there’s too many words, sin is not far, or something to that effect. So, the other lesson is to talk less and do more and listen more. I am a woman and that means I get relieved by talking about my situations, but, I need to be careful who it is I am venting out to. Stranger things have happened than broken telephone.

I end the day with my tail between my legs and having to apologise to someone for being too quick to judge, for not giving them the benefit of doubt, for being too myopic in my thinking, that I decided if it was not my way, then world war 3 was sure to follow. I don’t know everything and I need to stop behaving like I do. 



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