My size, my choice

​”I’m really working hard to add weight,” side glances received and sneers can be heard as those around feel that they are being ridiculed by this skinny person because they are trying to lose the weight.

I have been there. Being looked at with judgemental looks. It’s like it’s an abomination for one to add weight. I used to be conscious about it, about talking about my body size and what I would like to achieve with it, to try and be accommodative but I decided to stick to my lane and not bother much with other people’s lanes and if you allow my lane to affect you now that’s just on you.

We all have different goals in life and we need to learn that differences should be celebrated instead of becoming a none of contention. The one who wants to lose weight and the one who wants to add weight, both are right in their wants. No one is more justifiable than the other. And just because I want what you don’t want doesn’t make me your enemy. And if I get mad at you for wanting to lose weight, I will still be looked at funnily. This life. 

Your body, your choice. Do what you feel is comfortable with and for you. I don’t have a problem with anyone’s weight, of course unless it has health implications then, I get concerned. Whatever your body size, love yourself. If you feel you want to do something about it, then go ahead and do it. Don’t let anyone else’s opinions decide for you how to feel about you or what to do with your body. 

The majority of people don’t see why I want to add weight. They think I am perfect as I am. I appreciate their sentiments, a lot but as long as I am not comfortable in my size, it does not matter what the whole world thinks, my opinion about me is what carries the day at the end of the day. I am not saying I hate the way I look, heavens no. I would just like to improve on it. I feel a bit underweight as is and I have my target weight, so let me be me and let me do me without thinking too much about you.

Anyone who finds a way of making everything about themselves needs to understand the world does not revolve around them. 



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