Random post

1. Your life is your own and only you get to live it so make decisions about it that you are most comfy with and the rest of the world can follow suit, or not.

2. Love is beautiful and it is also an untamed force as Coelho describes it in the Zahir (my fav book by this guy). You cannot control it. The more you try to deny it, the more painful the heart break. Always be glad that love grew in your heart, even if the other party does not reciprocate. 

3. Forgiving oneself is one of those uphill tasks because it means you admit to yourself that you were wrong; or you messed up and we all secretly think highly of ourselves than we should and so to forgive oneself is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. You face your nightmare, deal with it and move on. Its just a reminder that you ain’t perfect and you ain’t above life and it’s challenges. 

4. When you choose to forgive someone else, you are giving that person a clean slate and you can,therefore, not use whatever you forgave against them, ever. (ideal situation). So, before you say ‘I forgive you,’ be sure you have dealt with the situation. Because then, you kinda lose all rights. And there’s no time limit to how soon you should forgive. You do it at your pace. (see point 1 above).

5. I think its possible to love someone you’ve never met in person. 

6. Your true friends are not necessarily the people you talk to and see daily, but they are like stars, even though you don’t see them, you always know they are there. 

7. Some of my best friends I met through my jobs. It ends up feeling like that could have been the main purpose of being in the specific space.

8. Aggressive and Assertiveness are not the same thing, just like sales and marketing are not synonymous. 😘

9. After a few years being a wedding planner’s assistant, I realized, in my opinion, the church is what is for the couple,after that, it’s about people. So priorities for me will be: dream gown, /grooms suit, super awesome rings, amazing photography. The budget will go here first. If we will have change, we then shall think about the rest… Lol. 😂😂😂. And those who truly wish you well, will be satisfied by just witnessing your union. 

9b. Brides maids are my there to look pretty, that’s the job of the bride. They are there to make sure your day is a success, so have people in your line up who will make the process almost effortless. The best maid, now, she becomes your P.A. from the time you let her know that you would like for her to be your best maid. 🙈.

10. Trey Songz is in Kenya and a lot of ladies are almost losing it. Usher is still one of my main guys… But rumour has it I’m “too young” for him. Is all right. Who talked about marrying him anyways? 

It is Thursday, just from getting my hair did. Not sure what’s for dinner, but who said one has to eat all meals? Hehe. 

Good night lovies. 

Imperfectous… Cos perfection is a bit too drab for my liking. It doesn’t match the colour of my eyes. 


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