Married at 50

I met up with one of my old friends earlier this week and it was a breath of fresh air. Achieng’ is her name. Now, our mums are the best friends in this story and because of their friendship, ours also grew. I can’t quite explain it cos she is 21 years older than me but don’t they say that age is nothing but a number. So yes, we are friends, and we keep in touch, as much as she lives in the states, technology has made distance a bit easy to deal with.

So, my beloved friend got married last year at 50 years old! Maybe I should say 50 years young. Lol and I got to meet the hubby and seeing the two of them together was heavenly. It was like what is normally called ‘puppy love’ only this is mature and just as cute. The way they were with each other. There was that twinkle in their eyes and that knowledge of, you are the one He kept for me. I was simply blown away and I was like, ‘ she’s 50 and she is living her fairy tale story,’ now that’s amazing.

I know society has this thing of questioning people when they reach a certain age and they’re still single and I’m like, first and foremost, who the heck is society and who made it the boss of anyone? Lol. There’s nowhere written that things have to be done by a certain age or your life is doomed. And such questions have led to some people being desperate and thereby, settling for the sake of it;because it is expected. I call it bs. Every plant has its own time for blossoming and just because one blossoms sooner than another does not mean a thing. We all have our lanes and as long as we can find happiness in those lanes, then we will be okay.

I am a hopeless romantic. Anyone who knows me well, knows that. And I have been accused of being an idealist and I’m like ‘what’s wrong with that?’ I like to see the rainbow and flowers in the midst of gloom and rain. I like to think of the good that’s possible and believe that we can have whatever we decide we want. And so yes, happy long lasting marriages still exist. I know the statistics we are always bombarded with say something different but there are people who have happiness in the spouses. So yes, it is possible. Its a choice you make.

I definitely hope that I will get married sooner rather than later and have more time with the love of my life but I would rather be single and get just one year with my ‘person.’ I know of people who are barely 30 and already married and divorced and it just leaves me wondering. Now, don’t get me wrong, I ain’t judging anyone here. It is the wearer of the shoe that knows where it hurts most. I’m just old school and when I say my vows, I want to say them to just one man. I can renew them after every numbr of years, but I want it to be to the one person. So yes, I take this whole marriage and happily forever business very seriously and after seeing my friend and how full her heart was and at peace, I have been re-affirmed. Lol. For such a bond, I am happy to wait till 50 to get it, but please dear Lord, surprise me sooner than that. Thanks.

I love love. I believe it’s the most beautiful thing ever. And one of my greatest quotes is:

To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness in life.

I will therefore happily wait,amidst lonely nights and all, hehe, for the one He has kept for me.



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