Working From Home

Today I find myself asking why do we need to work from an office space? Okay, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about teamwork and all but why not allow people to be flexible to work from wherever, as long as the job gets done? I have been called an idealist when it comes to life and again I ask, what is wrong with that? Isn’t the world not sad enough already?

I have been a bit under the weather okay, I have a chronic illness that has its moments of holding me hostage and I am currently in its captivity, so, I am forced to work from home and I must admit it is actually very refreshing. I feel like I am even more productive. It could be because there’s no power. Hehe. A few things about me that my explain this. I am a loner. I totally love and enjoy my own company. This means I am an introvert of course. So, I can survive quite well in an island somewhere without much human contact other than my peeps. I love my space too much at times I think there’s something wrong with me.

Back to the topic at hand. Why can’t I work from home as long as I deliver what is expected and come to the office only and if when necessary? This feeling could be as a result of one of my closest friends at work leaving. So maybe it’s just withdrawal symptoms but honestly, I am feeling very productive. I think offices can actually be a distraction to productivity. How? Well, when you’re always fire fighting and having meetings about things that do not directly affect your job. Where people are many, it is easy to step on each other’s toes and then focus becomes ‘did you step on me on purpose or not? ‘ Emotions get involved;you’re too much in each other’s space. Hmmm.  My future staff members should not read this post, lest they use it against me. Lol. But, I have made a conscious decision to do things differently when I have my own company. Thought for another day.

Honestly, what if I could prove that I can get more work done working from home than from the office, do you think my boss would buy it? If you are a boss and your employee approached you with such a proposal and had facts to back up his working from home theory, would you consider it? Cos honestly, is it about your seeing my face in the office or my getting the job done? Okay, I think I need to put a disclaimer and say, this idea can only work for certain professions. You cannot be a news anchor and want to work from home. Hehe. This is why you need to think very deeply before choosing careers. I kid.

But as a sales person or even marketing, (the areas I am currently working in) I mean, there’s email, skype, phone calls, technology has made life easy for us but no, we are refusing to accept change. Hehe. I think where I’m getting at is it should be more about the deliverables than the location of operations.

It’s a good thing to have dreams and like my boss has told me before, my ideas of the ideal work place are a bit too lofty but a girl is allowed to dream, right? Especially in Kenya where everything is being taxed… 😒I will take whatever I can for free and dreaming is one of them.

Okay. Back to work.


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